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Becoming Dr. Marilyn was an evolution of circumstances some may say. Others may say following an Innate calling. I knew at four years old I wanted to be a doctor. I found the world a little harsh and found the woods near my childhood home to be a sanctuary. I spent hours there with all that inhabited the natural world including the world of lights, colors and beings surrounding the nature kingdom. These gifts of hearing, seeing and knowing of another dimension beyond the solid world presented quit a challenge. I was brought back to the everyday world by undergoing surgeries and navigating other physical needs. My quest to bridge science and intuition was born early in my life. I know others are striving to find answers be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. I have chosen to shed as much light as I can on navigating this world to be of service.
"Vibrational medicine attempts to heal illness and transform human consciousness by working with energentic patterns that guide the physical expression of life." 
Dr. Richard Gerber M.D.
Restorative Methods
RESET Kinesiology
Reinstating Essential Spiritual Energy Transmission 
Kinesiology utilizes muscle testing to determine reasonable goals. Applied muscle testing accesses the neuromuscular system to gain information by using gentle pressure on a muscle this test will give information about an organ, a meridian, a nutrition, an emotion, and more. I have incorporated muscle testing for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages for over thirty five years. This session starts with a patient stating a goal. We gently explore those areas of thought-form programming, negative beliefs, limiting perspectives, chakra balancing and more. Reframing the perceived limitations and changing the shadow of crisis into the light of change, allowing for the free flow of integrated energies aligned with purpose.
All doctors have similar educational qualifications and then additional curriculum in their chosen specialty. The chiropractic philosophy is about optimizing inherent potentials of each individual. Chiropractors specialize in neurophysiology. The study of the connections of the brain and the spinal cord. The spinal alignment of nerves connect with all aspects of the body. Hence Neuro-Physiology. These communication channels are said to be at some of the root causes of dis-ease. The spinal column is also home to the Nadis/Chakra system which coordinate glandular functions and more. The techniques I employ to reduce potential interference in these pathways are a gentle chiropractic adjustment with soft tissue work to facilitate the musculo-skeletal pathways that may be compromised. I may incorporate simple ergonomic changes, rehabilitation stretches, balance protocols, nutritional protocols and other lifestyle suggestions. I offer a sacred space for unraveling questions and have done so for over thirty six years.
Remote Healing Session
A remote session is scheduled when a patient wants the comfort, convenience of their home or where distance is a factor. I have worked with people from around the globe and found this approach to healing moves beyond the glamours of the personality and reveals core issues more quickly. A session is scheduled and I scan the energy fields of the patient determining the primary level of needed assistance be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Utilizing color, sound, energy directed to those areas in need of balancing always reveals the deeper issues blocking the move forward, be that physical wellness, better focus and alignment with goals or purpose. Suggestions for support may include specific meditation, affirmation, supplements and more. I communicate a thorough report of findings via g-mail and respond to any questions.
Core Panel Assessment
This is my core nutritional panel covering guidelines for your Metabolic Type, Oxidizer Type, Autonomic Nervous System, Endocrine System, Germ Layer and Essential Fatty Acids. This panel came about as a response to patients question of “What do I eat?” Or they were eating “well” and not losing weight, not feeling focused, having cravings and not able to exercise.  
On review of the major categories listed I include suggestions on food eliminations, possible allergens, foods additions, supplements to support and balance those systems in need.
"All disease is the result of inhibited soul life. This is true of all forms in all kingdoms. The art of the healer consists in releasing the soul so that life can flow through the aggregate of organisms which constitute any particular form." 
Djwhal Khul
Discovery  Call
An informational interview with Dr. Marilyn to establish a fit between patient needs and provider scope of practice.
15 Minute Meet and Greet call |  Free
Inital Consultation
History, Examining trends and symptoms, and Goals which are addressed with the appropriate restorative techniques. Concluding with a report of findings and a plan for wholeness, which includes follow-up e-mail clarification.
90 Minute Appointmentl |  $250
Follow-Up Consultation
A re-evaluation to address and re-examine changes over time, and revised course of action.
30 to 60  Minute Review |  $85 to $170
A Intuitive Session can help you to quickly get to the source of your difficulty by giving you deeper understanding and clarity of what maybe obstructing your well-being, and most importantly, provides you a roadmap to true healing.
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“The desire to validate the concept of Energy work is brought on by the lack of scientific explanation and feels to the inexperienced more like a practice in Spirituality.”
 K.W.S. Keel Creative